Lloyds Mobile Banking App

Data at Lloyds Banking Group showed that customers who regularly used the mobile banking app made more transactions and so were more valuable customers. So the bank asked me to develop an e-learning course which showed customers and customer service staff how to use the app.

First I set baseline data for how many customers were using the app on a regular basis before the course went live. This allowed the team to track the success of the course by following the increase of users. I designed the course using Articulate software, incorporating a dummy version of the app to allow learners to experience a real-life simulation without the risk of a live app.

The course was rolled out to all support staff across multiple brands, hosted on the website for customer access, and incorporated in all future on-boarding of new staff.

Moving Operations to India

Senior leaders at Royal Bank of Scotland made the decision to move some operational responsibilities in the Customer Records department from Scotland to India. I was responsible for ensuring the new teams in India were capable of taking on the new tasks.

I worked with SMEs in the UK to design a blended learning programme including pre-course material, a classroom session, guided learning with real-life examples, and a sign-off test. I ensured the course was authorised by operation leaders in the UK and India, SMEs, and Quality Assurance before delivery.

I delivered the course in Delhi over two weeks, staying on to oversee the smooth handover of processes. The result was a success, with all learners passing the assessment and no disturbance in the customer journey.

Pensions Changes at Lloyds Bank

The UK government changed pensions legislation, affecting the ways people can access their funds. For financial organisations in the UK this meant large-scale changes to their operations. So, Capita assigned me to work with Lloyds Bank to design multiple learning programmes to get their people upskilled ready for the changes.

I worked with SMEs to develop learning objectives and adapt their in-depth subject knowledge into accessible content for the course material. I designed 5 courses for teams that were affected by the changes differently. These courses included pre-course reading, classroom sessions, expert coaching, and a quality assured test.

In the end all learners passed the test, showing they had the right knowledge and skills to help guide customers through the complicated changes.